Sam The Photon: The Journey Begins

Almost unimaginably far away, there is a 2 billion year old yellow-white star.
This is the birthplace of Sam. Sam is a photon.
Luckily our friend is not alone on her journey. She is joined by many photons, most of which too were born from her home star. But they are not all alike...
And some others...
Her home quickly shrinks behind her, and after a few days, it is nearly another star in the sky.
Days turn into years, years into decades, and decades into centuries. Her home has long been out of sight. Stars have slowly changed positions over the years. Nearby stars appear in the distance before lazily drifting by, and eventually disappear into the black. Constellations change.
Sam should have appreciated her home more when it was still visible, but she was young, and it was just a few years out of ten thousand. She has little chance of ever seeing another star up close. Every few years a new star will appear up ahead, and she has hope that perhaps it will pass nearby. Yet like all the other stars that came before, it drifts to one side, and passes her by.

It is a dull life.

© 2006-2012 by Arad Kedar.