The Meteorite

This is a small asteroid, also known as a meteoroid. It is about the size of a small car, composed mostly of iron, and it has been drifting around a white star without major incident for about 4 billion years.
This is a planet. It contains a great diversity of life, including intelligent life.
These intelligent life forms refer to themselves as the "Sitasha."
Note: The true Sitashan form differs so greatly from that of humans, that they lack many useful cues such as facial expressions and body language. Thus, their appearance has been anthropomorphized for your convenience.

After 4 billion years, our meteoroid, and our planet, are about to meet. The meteoroid enters the atmosphere at a speed of 23 kilometers per second.
It pressurizes the air in front of it creating intense heat. It quickly breaks apart.
It is now known as a meteor, and is easily visible from the planet below.

In fact... It is noticed by quite a few.
It has lost much of its mass, but the air has sufficiently slowed it to its terminal velocity of about 130 m/s (291 mph).
When it reaches the ground, it is quite cool, but the 300mph impact makes quite a sound, and can be heard in the nearby village.
It is now known as a meteorite, and is discovered by one of the Sitasha.
Who with no better explanation for its origin, takes it back to his camp and declares it a gift from a new deity. A deity which he names:
Some disagree, maintaining the old familiar Deity.
Some do not.
The meteorite is indifferent.

© 2006-2012 by Arad Kedar.