The Happy Little Tetrad

Once upon a time, just off the coast of New Zealand, there lived a happy tetrad of Deinococcus radiodurans bacteria.
As our tetrad of bacteria exited their sewer pipe, they marveled at the beauty of the ocean. This specific tetrad happened to be very proud of itself, and rightly so.
A nearby diatom happened to overhear the tetrad, and disagreed loudly.
A small isopod, overhearing the diatom, also stepped in.
The isopod boasted so loudly, that a nearby bony fish could not help but reply.
A tuatara, unimpressed by the fish's logic, scoffed from a nearby rock.
The tuatara was overheard by a nearby rook, who crowed loudly.
Steve, who had been listening to the entire argument thus far, was ready to set all the others straight.

© 2006-2012 by Arad Kedar.